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必发88官网:Here's why CS:GO fans think ScreaM finally has a new team

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  If ScreaM is indeed on the brink of a return to professional CS:GO, there are a few teams that seem like obvious options. Most notably, 3DMAX and LDLC both have openings.

  The two French teams have lost some of their biggest hitters to the likes of G2 and Vitality in recent months, and someone with the firepower of ScreaM could be just what they need. Given the fact that Fran?ois ‘AmaNEk’ Delauney recently left LDLC, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him and ScreaM join forces to complete the 3DMAX roster.

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  ScreaM has been a professional Counter-Strike player for nine years, originally in Source and later in 必发88官网 Global Offensive.

  The Belgian star is best known for his incredible headshot percentage and ‘one tap’ kills. In fact, he still 必发88官网 boasts the best headshot percentage on HLTV.org by a significant margin despite a less-than-stellar 2018 season.

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